Bomb LUX Energy Bomb Disposable Vape Review

Bomb LUX Energy Bomb Disposable Vape Review

Bomb LUX Energy Bomb is a portable, user-friendly, and efficient pre-filled disposable vape. It comes with a 1200mAh battery and a 6.5ml pod filled with tasty e-liquid.

The device is easy to use and produces top-notch flavors and clouds. It also has a stylish design. Moreover, it is discreet and compact.

6.5ml Pre-Filled Pods

Bomb LUX is a disposable pod vape that is ready to use right out of the box. It requires no maintenance or charging and is highly discreet for on-the-go vaping. This product comes in an assortment of mouthwatering flavors such as Energy Bomb, which is an energizing blend of 5 nutrient-dense superfoods (acai, guarana, maca, and lucuma).

There’s also Grape, a juicy and sweet combination of grapes and pastry flavor, and Pina Colada, which will take you on a tropical vacation with a refreshing pineapple and coconut blend. Each device can provide up to 2800 puffs and has a convenient draw-activated design that shuts off automatically after a certain number of puffs or when the e-liquid runs out. Moreover, these devices come with a protective case and carry pouch to protect the device when not in use.

1200mAh Battery

Bomb Lux is one of the most efficient, sleek, and easy-to-use disposable pods on the market. It comes in 18 mouthwatering flavors and features a 1200mAh battery that provides up to 2800 puffs. It also has a 5ml e-liquid capacity and 5% nicotine strength.

With its impressive e-liquid capacity and long-lasting performance, it’s the perfect choice for vapers who want to enjoy a hassle-free experience. Plus, its convenient size makes it a great option for travelers.

5% Nicotine Strength

Disposable vapes use a battery, heating element, and a pre-filled liquid-filled cartridge to produce vapor for inhalation. The vapor is free from harmful tar and chemicals found in traditional tobacco smoke. These devices are user-friendly and easy to use.

They are designed to be used until the e-liquid runs out or the battery dies, then discarded. The device cannot be refilled, so it is important to check the battery status regularly.

LUX Energy Bomb is available in a variety of flavors, including Strawberry Watermelon, Grape, Pina Colada, and Lemon Tart. Each flavor is made with a blend of fruity tastes that will make you crave more. The device will blink when the e-liquid has run out or the battery has lost power. This is a sign that it’s time to replace the device.

Easy to Use

Bomb LUX is a disposable vape that comes pre-filled and ready to use. The device uses a small battery that is already charged and offers exceptional performance. The device is easy to use and simply activates by inhaling through the mouthpiece. The device shuts off automatically when the e-liquid runs out or the battery dies.

The device is also compact and portable, making it ideal for traveling or social gatherings. Its generous 5ml e-liquid capacity allows you to enjoy uninterrupted vaping sessions without the hassle of refilling and is complemented by a strong 1200mAh battery that can deliver up to 2800 puffs. The device is also discreet and produces less odor than traditional cigarettes. The vapor is smooth and delicious, and the flavors are true-to-taste.


Bomb Lux is a non-rechargeable disposable vape that lasts up to 2800 puffs and offers 5% nicotine strength. It has a 1200mAh battery and is available in different flavors. Choose from fruity blends such as mango peach pineapple and blueberry raspberry, or go for mint ice or nut’s tobacco for a refreshing and invigorating experience.

These disposable vapes are easy to use and are more discreet than traditional cigarettes. They produce less odor and are designed to shut off automatically after a certain amount of time or when the e-liquid is empty. They also come with a protective pouch and are very portable. They are available in 17 delicious flavors that will satisfy the taste buds. Moreover, they have a compact and pocket-friendly design that is eye-catching.